Structural Steel
& Tool Steel

  • Structural steel is used in wide range of field such as General structure and industrial machinery and steel type varies depending on the contents of Chemical elements, for example as Chromium, Molybdenum, Carbon . We make proposal depending on our customers requests such as strength and toughness, harden-ability with optimum characteristics balance to match customer's needs . Please let us know your structural steel needs . We will support you from the development stage together with our special steel suppliers .


Stainless Steel

  • We at SAKUMA carry [Magnetic stainless steel], [Cold forging Nickel series], [Super high strength non magnetic stainless steel],[Free cutting compound stainless steel]. We also support our customer's product development closely communicating with our suppliers .


High Alloy Steel

  • We also handle low expansion material and soft magnetic material . We have accumulated number of knowhow in the high alloy steel field by working with various functionals materials . We are now, working on to further brush up our material selection knowhow and processing technology.



  • Titanium is applicable under the harsh environment from it's characteristics of light, strong, rust free, and is necessary material in cutting edge technology as well as in medical field . And is colourable by anodic oxidisation thus applied to accessories such as wrist watches and earpieces .


Power / Target Material

  • We supply various alloy powder from stainless to super alloy as well as those containing non-ferrous metal . We are capable of manufacturing from large molecule powder to micro powder, smooth surface spherical powder as well as special shape powder. Alloy powders are used in many areas such as Automotive and IT field as well as for Electronic parts, Precision parts and Construction parts.



  • Rare-earthmagnet has high magnetic characteristics and the usage share of neodymium steel is increasing from the material point , functional point and pricing point advantage. Large magnetic field generating device used for MRI is a new usage .

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